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We are grounded right now,
but we're fighting to bring back
our peaceful skies


Our Mission

Our mission is providing the Ukrainian Armed Forces with on-demand supplies. Many of our fellow pilots are serving, which gives us unmediated, up-to-date knowledge about the needs of their units. We buy the necessary equipment or get it from sponsors, and deliver it directly to the recipients. No bureaucracy, no delays!


Our Team

We are a group of Ukrainian hang gliding pilots and other enthusiasts who became volunteers after the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine. The world pilot community is very close-knit, which allows us to contact pilots, clubs and federations all over the globe. This helps us to effectively:

  • Raise funds 

  • Buy and deliver equipment internationally

  • Direct staff and equipment to those who need them the most. 


Who We Help

Our fellow pilots, who have joined the Ukrainian Armed forces or enlisted as volunteers, keep us informed about the needs of the units where they serve. Since our work is public, other divisions also contact us with their requests. We try to help all of them as much as we can. Presently, we hold patronage over the following units:


Pilots in UAF and volunteer units

Hang gliding, paragliding and sailplane pilots are defending Ukraine as ground and air recon troops, paratroopers, communication officers, mortar gunners, combat medics, anti-tank rocket launchers, special forces - in almost all possible military specializations.

Marusia's bears

Marusia’s Bears

Assault platoons, recruited and trained under the supervision of Marusia Zvirobiy - a combattant with military experience since 2014. Mykola Polovyy, a member of Ukraine’s national hang gliding team, has been working as a combat paramedic with Marusia’s Bears since the start of the full-scale invasion.



A volunteer medical battalion under the leadership of Yana ZInkevych. They have been on the frontlines since 2014, having saved thousands of lives. Two of our pilots - Oleksiy Dvernytskyy and Artem Kazachanskyy - are serving there as drivers, transporting the wounded from the frontline.


Second Artillery Division of the Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky Separate Presidential Brigade

Created after 24.02.22, this division is already fighting on the frontline. Vitaliy Gregor - a social activist, who was previously helping us to save the only hang gliding flying site in Ukrainian Carpathians from takeover for construction -  is serving in this division.

International Legion

International Legion

The combatants of the first International Legion of Ukraine have come from all over the world to defend freedom and democracy by joining the war effort. They are experiencing the same supply issues as the rest of the UAF. We are infinitely grateful to these people and are doing our best to support them. 

Sniper School

Sniper school of 199th Training Center for Assault Troops of the UAF

The School instructors conduct training for military units from all over Ukraine on the highest level. We received a lot of great feedback from the units that were trained there. 
We are looking for a sponsor who could help the school with optical equipment, devices, and protective equipment.


Miscellaneous Projects

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How You Can

You can help by donating to our foundation’s accounts, listed to the right. Your money will be used to aid various units of the Ukrainian Forces, primarily - those housing our colleagues from the Ukrainian pilot community. You can also provide us with other types of assistance, which are detailed in this section. We will keep you informed about the supplies and equipment we acquire with updates on this website.

Thank you!


PayPal (USD, EUR)


Name: Yuliia Burlachenko


IBAN: BE63 9671 9400 4208

Address: TransferWise Europe SA Avenue Louise 54, Room S52 Brussels 1050 Belgium

PrivatBank Card

5168 7520 0307 2454

For Event Organizers

If you are organizing a competition, festival, or other type of event, you can help us raise funds and awareness about our campaign:​​

  • Print out our posters and flyers, and distribute them among the event guests. Poster PDF | Flyer PDF

  • Organize fundraising during the event.

Other Ways to Help

If you would like to help in any other way, like donating equipment, organizing delivery logistics or providing us with useful contacts, please drop us a line!


Reports & Stats

With your support, we are raising funds for a wide range of necessities, gear and equipment for a number of UAF military units. Stay informed about what exactly your donations are buying!

Our Heroes

Your donations are truly making a difference not only in the war effort, but also in the lives of our fellow pilots who are currently serving in the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Learn about the stories of these wonderful people!


Why are volunteers, not the government, supplying the Armed Forces?

It might seem weird that tax-paying civilians are donating their time and money to supply the army, but this is the way it is in Ukraine. To be honest, our country wasn't ready for this war. The government wasn't properly preparing, and the majority of the population didn’t believe that it was even possible in 21st century Europe. Now the Ministry of Defense provides weapons, munitions, expensive gear and basic armor, while volunteer groups, such as ours, supply everything from socks and hygiene products to drones and thermal binoculars. Major nonprofits - Come Back Alive, Serhiy Prytula Foundation, ArmySOS - work through official channels on the level of brigades and battalions. Combined, these approaches give us a substantial advantage over russians. Bureaucracy can be a real hindrance in our army, but micro-volunteers work quickly and precisely, bypassing loads of paperwork.

How do you decide who to help?

Primarily, we aid the military units that house our fellow pilots who have joined the Ukrainian Armed forces or enlisted as volunteers. Since our work is public, other divisions also contact us with their requests. Presently, we hold patronage over 3 units where our fellow pilots are serving, as well several others whose members have reached out to us. Please refer to the "Who We Help" section of this page.

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