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Who We Help

Our fellow pilots, who have joined the Ukrainian Armed forces or enlisted as volunteers, keep us informed about the needs of the units where they serve. Since our work is public, other divisions also contact us with their requests. We try to help all of them as much as we can. Presently, we hold patronage over the following units:

Marusia's Bears (Marusyni Vedmedi)

Marusya Zvirobiy is an instructor of Ukrainian Assault Forces awarded with the order of National Hero of Ukraine. In 2014 she created a ground for initial military training, which prepared soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and volunteer battalions before going to the frontline. After training and combat coordination, the graduates went to the front as accomplished combat units. They were named "Marusia`s bears". Marusya served in the rapid reaction brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine, as well as in the assault troops. In February of 2022 Marusya headed the territorial defense rapid response platoon. Most platoon members had no combat or any other military experience before the full-scale russian invasion, so they had to train and study during the war. “Marusia’s bears” were based in Kyiv, neutralizing sabotage and reconnaissance groups, as well as going on the Armed Forces support missions in the hot spots of Kyiv region, including Irpin’. One of the best Ukrainian hang glider pilots, a national team member Mykola P. serves in the battalion as paramedic. After retraining, his platoon was sent to the frontline in a reconnaissance battalion of the assault troops. Meanwhile, Marusya Zvirobiy recruits new groups and organizes their training at the training ground to replenish the assault troops at the front. We help to supply the new recruits with all the necessary supplies. We are always in contact with Mykola and his platoon, which is now on the eastern front. We provide them with clothes, optical and thermal sights, weapon accessories, food and hygiene products, medications, etc.

Hospitallers Volunteer Medical Battalion

"For every life" is the slogan of the Hospitallers medical battalion. The members of the organization are volunteers who, at their own risk, are providing first aid on the line of contact. The battalion is a part of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army and was founded on July 6, 2014 by Yana Zinkevych of Rivne. They call themselves the Order of Knights, which in the XI century established the first known field hospitals. Every day during the 8 years of war, these volunteers continued helping the wounded at the front. During this time, the Hospitallers saved more than 3,000 lives - both military and civilian. The first medical trainings by "Hospitallers" began in March 2015, when it became apparent that a single standard of training for paramedics is necessary. For the past seven years, about two thousand people have studied medical training with Hospitallers. The Hospitallers Volunteer Battalion does not get government support and exists solely thanks to people involved in the work of the organization, as well as donations they receive. Volunteers are now getting much needed assistance from around the world. Every detail is important to them - the crews must be equipped with everything they need, because home care is currently provided for everyone, both the military and civilians, due to accidents, strokes, as well as bullet and debris injuries. Two of our pilots - Oleksiy D. and Artem K. - are serving with Hospitallers as drivers and paramedics, transporting the wounded from the frontline to hospitals. They work in one of the Hospitallers crews named “Houston”. We have provided Hospitellers with night vision devices that let them drive in the darkness without headlights; helmets, clothing and tactical gear, weapon accessories and more. We also helped them to get the 4x4 pickup for the evacuation of wounded from the combat zones. The list of the current needs of Hospitallers medical battalion can be found on their website.

Second Artillery Division of the Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky Separate Presidential Brigade

The brigade was recently established on the basis of the Presidential Regiment and reports directly to the President of Ukraine. In fact, it was the full-scale invasion of Putin's occupying forces that prompted the creation of this powerful combat unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The brigade includes both artillery divisions and other units - mortar, anti-tank, reconnaissance, and more. Having passed training and combat coordination, the units are already fighting on the frontline. Vitaliy Gregor - a social activist, who was previously helping us to save the only hang gliding flying site in Ukrainian Carpathians from takeover for construction - is serving in the support platoon of the division. Our groups has already provided them with several rangefinders, weapon accessories, tactical clothing and gear. We are constantly assisting them with vehicle logistics. The division needs more optical instruments, protective equipment, diesel generators and other gear.

International Legion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

The combatants of the first International Legion of Ukraine have come from all over the world to defend freedom and democracy by joining the war effort. They are experiencing the same supply issues as the rest of the UAF. We are infinitely grateful to these people and are doing our best to support them. We are in contact with Ryan C., the combatant of one of the reconnaissance platoons. We have already helped them to buy tents, tools, weapon accessories and a 4x4 SUV. The main need of the unit is 4x4 vehicles.

Sniper School of 199th Training Center for Assault Troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 

The 199th Training Center for Assault Troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine conducts professional training for various military specializations at a proficient level. The center includes a sniper school under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Oleksiy Dzhemula. Oleksiy and his team of professional instructors train military units from all over Ukraine. The school is well supplied with weapons and ammo. However, there is a lack of equipment like optical instruments, protective equipment, tripods, and more. We are looking for a sponsor who could help the school with supplying these items.

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